Tips Of Choosing Cheap Ray Bans

In the past, wearing fake Ray Bans glasses always give enough fashion, nerd vulgar impression. But because men are limited, accessories become particularly important. In recent years, many celebrities and fashion people have to wear modeling glasses to enrich the overall wear. How do men of different ages wear outlet Ray Bans glasses of different flavors? There are some Tips Of Choosing Cheap Ray Bans.


Large frame or color frame style easy to create playful and lively visual impression, with a simple casual T-shirt wear, which are very suitable for young boys show lovely side.

Into the light stage of the man, in order to show a calm side, the size of the frame should not be too large, the color can choose a soft brown section, create a familiar and easy and easy impression, and by a warm sweater, showing a girl favorite will warm the male style.

Slightly retro taste of small frame knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses, easy to bring people gentle and gentle feelings, with a suit on the suit, easy to show mature gentleman, but not the character of publicity.

key points

Basically want to choose their own glasses, first grasp a few key points:

The upper edge of the glasses as far as possible not exceed the height of the eyebrows, glasses, try not to touch the upper edge of the cheek, or very easy to happen, smile glasses was pushed up the situation.

To avoid the selection of the same shape with their face frame, round face, square face to avoid the box.

Tips Of Choosing Cheap Ray Bans

lighter colors

Colorful white people, you can choose lighter colors.

In addition, hair, facial features, frame thickness, etc. will also affect the effect of glasses to wear. So the proposal or to try after the actual, in order to find out the real style for you.

Born in addition to the face of plastic surgery, we can not be easily changed, do not forget there is a day called debugging. Cheap Ray Ban sunglasses can not only this is definitely a modified face of the weapon. It is nothing more than we all love it.

Square face is the so-called national face: part of the denomination and chin are wide. This face is suitable for the selection box is thin and the lens was rectangular or long oval style glasses.

Round face is the forehead and lower palatal parts are more full of people. This face is suitable for the selection of the lens is thick and the lens was flat rectangular, to avoid wearing a flat round or the last emperor with the kind of round style.

Egg-type face, you can try a variety of square, oval, inverted triangle and so are appropriate. There are no restrictions on the frame.

Long face of the people, to avoid pick and face similar to the lens, and the frame can pick streamline shape is better, this year’s popular inverted triangle mirror.


1, to consider their own face. Wide face need to wear big Ray Ban sunglasses sale. If your face is thin, you’d better choose a metal frame that looks fine.

2, to consider their own color. Skinny white who can choose pale and transparent; darker skin. It is best to choose black, dark blue and other deep color.

3, buy sunglasses when the fake Ray Ban sunglasses should be flat on the counter. If the glasses can not be placed smoothly, indicating that the frame has a problem.

4, when the selection of hand-held sunglasses feet against the fluorescent lamp. So that the mirror of the reflective strip gently rolling. If you find the mirror reflection of the fluorescent lights appear wavy, twisted, proof of the lens is not smooth. This lens will damage the eyesight.

5, the eyes are very sensitive organs, so the choice of sunglasses when the lens quality to the first: high resolution; lens formation.

6, select the cheap Ray Bans sunglasses must be selected anti-UV, look at the mirror or tag on the UVA, UVB logo.

7, Cheap Ray Bans UK do not have the best into the cover or glasses box, should not be directly into the bag. Otherwise the lens will soon wear.

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