The Most Fashionable Cheap Ray Bans This Summer

Summer is a good time to wear Fashionable Cheap Ray Bans. As long as the sunglasses in the hands of all want to have fashionable. However, what style this season, the most popular, popular models which is the most suitable for you, the following look at the 2017 summer Ray Ban sunglasses outlet loading guide.

Cat eye sunglasses

The most suitable for wearing face: heart-shaped face, angular wide face, diamond face

This season, from the T station to the star and then to the street shooting, as the cat’s eye version of the cat’s eye cat fake Ray Bans this summer, a strong return, this with the last century, the fifties and fifty years retro effect knockoff cheap Ray Bans, bring all of a sudden you can change The playful and fashionable, full of personality, could not help but think of reminiscent of those films in the exquisite, exaggerated and lady image, in fact, many elegant wind and Queen Fan who wear it also look good. It seems difficult to control the cat’s eye sunglasses is actually not pick people, the unique rise in shape can actually be a good modification of the face, improve the cheeks wide diamond face and so on.

Suitable for face: all face

Continuation of Dior So Real hot, this season has a unique line of unique design, popular mirror elements, unique metal beams designed to highlight the personality, mixed avant-garde and retro sense of the metal frame, a fashion blogger, star Only the fashionable style, not only this style of sunglasses in fact do not pick people, almost all face can be controlled, is absolutely fashionable concave concave shape of the weapon!

Retro round sunglasses

For face: oval face, goose face, slap face

With the fashion circles retro style, retro circular sunglasses are also secretly popular, a star street shooting in a popular single product. Retro round sunglasses, very easy to create a strong sense of style, to bring out there are different. But the retro round sunglasses to control them or to pick the face type. Round face and meadow sister is not suitable, bring will only make your face look more fleshy. If you really do not want to give up, you can choose a pair of oversize models, slightly play a little role.

Color pilot sunglasses

For face: melon face, heart-shaped face, side face, goose face

The Fashionable Cheap Ray Bans was originally designed for pilots designed goggles, can deal with high glare in the glare. So it brings a sense of visual comfort is very comfortable. Because of its handsome design, much fashion cool girl like. And the pilot cheap Ray Ban sunglasses is really super wild, the face requirements are not high. So it has been much fashionable circle of love. This season in addition to the classic style, adding more color, reflective mirror and other elements of the design. So that this classic style, more fashionable, modern, summer to point color. It starts from the color reflective pilot Ray Ban sunglasses sale start it

D-type sunglasses

For face: round face, goose face, melon face

D-shaped outlet Ray Ban is actually a timeless classic style, including the Wayfarer and Clubmaster two. It is the former deformation, the main difference is the frame. Initially for men to create the D-type sunglasses, girls bring up more handsome fashionable. This D-shaped fake Ray Ban sunglasses, because the lines themselves have been tough enough, so not suitable for square face or angular face. But is the face of a soft face, long face, flat face can rely on it to highlight the sense of the line. Achieve a harmonious proportion of the face, but also made fashionable.

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