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Ray Ban’s parent company, general manager of Italy Luxottica Group wholesale business in Greater China Ms. Ye Ning said: “Ray Ban is the world’s first brand of glasses, but if only the China IN Ray Ban and equated, that is certainly an underestimate of Ray Ban’s” energy. “. After more than 70 years of baptism, Ray Ban has long been avant-garde, personality, independence, freedom, innovation into the spirit of the brand blood. Maybe not every Ray Ban fan has a fake Ray Bans, but the spirit of Ray Ban can infect everyone. As the pioneer of the industry, we can use the new media to create the perfect brand for cheap Ray Ban sunglasses fans to experience, which is why Ray Ban can always lead the trend, enduring.”

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Ray Ban joint social networking site watercress launched a ten week “China IN Ray Ban” online design contest activities. Competitors can visit Ray Ban’s official website in China or the Ray Ban Mini stand in the watercress network. It designs unique prints for the two Ray-Ban timeless classic eyewear styles, Wayfarer and Clubmaster.

China IN Ray Ban

The world’s first brand sunglasses and optical glasses – Ray Ban joint social web site, launched the “China IN Ray Ban online design contest, and many Internet pioneer fashion design, Master common experience of avant-garde, cool Ray Ban sunglasses sale fashion.

design contest

“Chinese IN Ray Ban online design contest this year launched a new Ray Ban Rare Prints and Chinese users design combined, so that more people in the noisy world can be freely creative, the pursuit of individuality and self expression style,” Ray Ban “two characters will transcend its brand meaning, into a the one and only, out of the ordinary way of life.

“China IN Ray Ban” online design contest for ten weeks, with weeks as a unit, divided into different stages of competition, and set different design themes. Competitors will be able to log into Ray Ban official website in China or Ray Ban Mini station in, and design unique prints for the two Ray-Ban timeless classic eyewear styles, Wayfarer and Clubmaster. Through the mini stand, users can also vote for their favorite works, discuss, and share with friends. As a creative incentive, Ray-Ban will provide excellent designers from the new Rare Prints series sunglasses, all outstanding creative works will also have the opportunity to display in the design exhibition held in September this year, when Ray-Ban’s professional jury will select the final design award.

The online design contest inspired by Ray Ban to launch a new Rare Prints series, this series of glasses creatively unique style patterns and textures printing and classic style integration, including Subway, Flowers, Comics, Button Pins and Stripes Color Twirl, the subject of printing. Two models for users creative sunglasses Wayfarer and Clubmaster were appeared in the last century since 50s, the Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses on sale since 1952, has been considered to be the anti traditional spirit of rock’s iconic style, famous by many music star preference, Ray Ban outlet online Clubmaster is synonymous with the 1960s anti traditional spirit of the patriots.

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