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Ray Ban’s parent company, general manager of Italy Luxottica Group wholesale business in Greater China Ms. Ye Ning said: “Ray Ban is the world’s first brand of glasses, but if only the China IN Ray Ban and equated, that is certainly an underestimate of Ray Ban’s” energy. “. After more than 70 years of baptism,… Continue reading China IN Ray Ban

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The main function of Protective Cheap Ray Bans is anti UV, blocking the sun. So as to protect their eyes from the intense sunlight stimulation and injury. Hot Accessories As the weather getting hotter and hotter, sunglasses begin to come to the street. Although the wind has taken place in fashion circles last year, mirror Ray… Continue reading Stylish And Protective Cheap Ray Bans

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In the United States, 80% of fashion people have it, Ray-Ban Polarized Sunglasses has been the world’s best-selling. It is one of the symbols of the u.s.. Sunglasses for the stars, not only the sun and the meaning of beauty, but also a simple clothing travel, to avoid the paparazzi an effective tool to cover… Continue reading Ray-Ban Polarized Sunglasses