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Ultra syllable is one of the largest electronic music festivals in the world. This year, for the first time to enter the mainland China Ultra syllable, unprecedented, is hard to get a vote. With the help of the event, the whole network marketing service company limited for Ray Ban in the Ultra electric field syllable held an open up a fresh outlook try activities. For a long time, as a synonym for sunglasses, fake Ray Bans is the brand of the educational parent of the industry. Cheap Ray Ban Outlet Online Sale and Ultra are similar to the “cool” attribute. And the pursuit of the whole network is the events held in one of the important reasons for Ultra electric.

New Experience

Based on this, this year, the Ultra music festival site, the whole network will be Ray-Ban “test wear magic mirror” moved in. This “magic mirror” uses YunOS Face-AR technology. It only needs fingers to gently click. It can not only see the specific details of the merchandise, but also instantly complete the virtual makeup test and virtual try out. YunOS Face-AR with high performance and high precision of facial feature localization / tracking, pose estimation, 3D modeling technology. According to the makeup, try on the business scene, in a variety of illumination, pose and expression varied greatly under the condition of different facial organs corresponding image mesh deformation algorithm was designed. Using image fusion technology to achieve the glasses and other real-time rendering, AR to face realistic and natural makeup test / try effect.

In addition to providing the basis to try to create YunOS services, Face-AR technology “try wearing mirror”. Also can achieve brand video, pictures, scan code sharing, photo printing, synchronous merchandise online data services based on the comments. The user can also through the direct purchase of goods of the scan code. Prior to the 618 Tmall Ideal Life Carnival, Tmall and many international brands launched the “try makeup show” launched for the first time based on YunOS Face-AR technology “future makeup mirror”.

Virtual Trial Wear

Under the net match, two old partners, Tmall and Ray Ban outlet online. Set up a new CP, together to create the glasses and try to wear black technology. This cool try features in a screen. Which are lined with all products of Ray Ban Tmall official flagship store, a superb collection of beautiful things. According to the division of different styles and categories. Customers can directly click on the screen to see the specific details of the size and material of the goods. Next, it’s the most exciting virtual trial wear. Only by clicking on the selected goods. The customer can enjoy the virtual trial wear and the immediate service of the transaction.

Trial Process

During the trial, the electronic screen automatically grabs the customer image and 3D images on the screen. Customers can see the stereoscopic image of their fake Ray Ban sunglasses on the screen. The new cool black grafting technology of AR interactive technology. It can realize the line scene virtual try on online products to show the real customer virtual try on the effect, is a real version of the smart mirror”.

In fact, cheap Ray Bans and Tmall try to wear black technology far from being “simple”. And enjoy the immersive shopping experience without leaving home. The era of virtual try is coming. Next, believe that sunglasses on the Cheap Ray Ban Outlet Online Sale and Tmall will further deepen cooperation to further improve the fun and practicality of the smart shopping experience. The whole network plays an important role in the implementation of the customer’s ideas and ideas. In order to help the customers achieve the goals. It is believed that in the future cooperation. The whole network and high quality fake Ray Bans will collide more sparkles.

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