Fake Ray Bans Original Wayfarers

The tech elite of Fake Ray Bans Original Wayfarers – Silicon Valley does not define its status with the typical outward signs of wealth.

You will not see Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, or other tech billionaires wearing luxury suits or Rolexes as their peers who have power in the rest of the entrepreneurial America.

Instead, they display their elite membership in another way – with sneakers and luxury glasses.

Fake Ray Bans Original Wayfarers

Fake Ray Bans Original Wayfarers

The Fake Ray Bans Original Wayfarers are coming out of their cases at least once a year when CEO and senior tech executives come down to Sun Valley in Idaho for the annual Allen & Company conference. This is where executives display their “casual” style and spend time outdoors during what was named, “Summer Camp for Billionaires.”

At this conference, we were able to see the choice frames of sunglasses. Such as the Ben Silbermann, Evan Spiegel and Jack Dorsey. Whether it’s a pair of affordable replica Ray Bans UK or a pair of eye-catching Tom Fords. Each pair of glasses gives a chance to show off his personal style – and in many cases, his wealth.

Clodagh Norton, the co-founder of Eyestylist, helped us put together this list of unique, trendy and rather expensive sunglasses. Although we have found some pictures of other leaders wearing glasses. Such as Sheryl Sandberg and Susan Wojcicki – these have been difficult to identify. If anyone knows which brands they prefer, we are at your service.

Silicon Valley Sunglasses

Here are the stylish, expensive – and sometimes tasteless – sunglasses of the Silicon Valley bosses:

The TOMS sunglasses worn by Butterfield, CEO of Slack, are relatively affordable and have a touch of color.

The CEO of Y Combinator, 32 years old, makes his age well with this pair of fake Oakley sunglasses. The glasses are named after their built-in hook that allows the wearer to attach them to his T-shirt for easy storage.

Not exactly known for fashion-conscious tastes, Zuckerberg remains true to itself with perhaps the most classic pair of sunglasses on the market: fake Ray Bans Original Wayfarers.

Bezos seems to have improved his style since last year. While his clothing tastes came closer to the “nerd of tech” than “the icon of fashion.” The founder of Amazon has displayed a new look at this conference of the Sun Valley. It includes his pair of sunglasses strangely trendy. The same pair was also spotted on model Bella Hadid.

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