Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses Inspection Equipment

This article aims to explore the relationship between fashion and cheap Ray Ban sunglasses, nd combine some test results to analyze the quality of fashionable fake Ray-Ban sunglasses. And study its inspection methods to improve the inspection level. Ability and tight control over cheap ray-ban sunglasses.

Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses

supports of Fake Ray Ban Sunglasse

The change of supports is also an important factor affecting fake Ray Bans inspection. During the detection of the vertometer, the control of the surface curvature of the sunglasses will lead to a series of measurement errors. The knockoff Ray Bans in the detection process. If you can not ensure the validity, standardize the operation, but also prone to problems in the process of measurement. For example, in order to solve the problem of poor contact between lenses and lens holders, actual work requirements are met. Inspection personnel need to optimize the calibration method and optimize the control of the focus meter. The focus meter displays values through the application of a calibration model, which is simple and easy to do. This solves the problem of sunglasses detection errors and meets the sunglasses detection requirements.

In order to meet the requirements of replica Ray Bans UK detection and people’s life, it is necessary to control the indication error of the auto focus meter, which requires the use of relevant adjustment methods to avoid the dust problem of light transmittance mirror. To achieve this goal, the inspector needs to clear the dust on the surface of the lens. Which requires the use of clean and soft mirror cloth to wipe the transparent lens cheap Ray Bans UK.

automatic focusing instrument

Through the improvement of the accuracy of the automatic focusing instrument. It can effectively enhance the detection efficiency of sunglasses, which requires the attention of the relevant inspectors. During the adjustment process, we use different types of automatic pyrometer and do the automatic calibration of the pyrometer data. In the process of operation, good operation inspection personnel to achieve the instrument, measurement and control together into the menu, verify the calibration data related to work. If there is high degree vertex error problem, re entering calibration menu may be needed. Therefore, making good data calibration is conductive to improve the overall efficiency of measurement data.

The automatic focimeter method has good working efficiency, relatively small detection error, simple operation, and high measurement accuracy. At the same time, it is affected by the objective environment. During the measurement process, it is affected by factors such as measurement technology and standards. During measurement work, the focimeter’s indication is prone to errors. In order to improve the overall measurement effect of sunglasses, achieve accurate results and improve accuracy, thereby improving the overall quality of the glasses.

Following the basic principles of measuring light transmittance detection devices, the application should first be through grating technology. Test the light transmittance of the skin of high-quality fake Ray-Ban samples by using a monochromator filter. Perform analog-to-digital conversion detection work on the test sample. As well as the conversion amount of optical signals to electrical signals. Do the work related to computer processing, detection work of light transmittance and the average transmittance. The test results of different parameters to meet the requirements of the actual inspection of high quality fake Ray Ban sunglasses.

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