Fake Ray Bans Will Become Essential For This Summer

German researchers design Essential Fake Ray Bans capable of creating enough energy to charge low-power objects. Although in the future they could also be used for mobile devices.

Essential Fake Ray Bans

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For any traveler who decides to vacation in one of the hottest places on Earth. A cell phone and high-quality Essential Fake Ray Bans are going to be a must-have this summer. If the innovative solar glass created by a team of researchers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology finds a place in the competitive technology market. These objects may become an inseparable pair in the near future.

The replica Ray Bans UK in question take advantage of the radiation from the sun to create solar energy. It could soon be used to recharge the batteries of mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. This would undoubtedly be a great step forward in how beneficial this source of energy is for society. Although for now the electric power that the invention is capable of generating would be sufficient only to charge a hearing aid.

In fact, each lens today can convert about 200 microwatts of heat and sunlight – the average mobile phone requires 5 watts to charge – which is enough to provide the necessary power to a microprocessor. Two monitors are mounted on the temples of the glasses to check the luminous intensity or ambient temperature. This is thanks to the semi-transparent solar cells embedded in the crystal. On the other hand, can be adapted to the frames usually sold in any optic. Since they are 1.6 mm thick and weigh just over 6 grams. The system also opens the way for other scientists who want to develop similar technologies in the field, such as car windows.

Additionally, while copycat Ray-Ban glasses are primarily designed for sun protection and are therefore suitable for use abroad. The use of this article also extends to urban-based offices or leisure spaces. within the building and provided with artificial lighting.

Brand Culture

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Another of the controversies of the brand came after the victory of Donald Trump in the US elections. The Mexican account on Twitter of Hawkers decided to make an unfortunate joke that cost him a multitude of criticisms: “Mexicans, put on these glasses so that you do not notice the swollen eyes tomorrow in the construction of the wall”.

Now, the criticism has come for his latest campaign, which is also promoted on Twitter. It is very visible, and for which they have chosen the footballer Leo Messi as an image. We designed the new Essential Fake Ray Bans collection of the best footballer in history”. An affirmation that, together with the past defraudador of the player. It has awakened the critics of the users, although also lit defenses.

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