Cat Eye Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses

Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor … The cat-eye cheap Ray Ban sunglasses could not be linked to more icons (forgive us the ‘Lolita’ glasses). It must be for that reason that the Italians, always ready to bring out the diva that they have inside. Do not stop wearing them.

Cat Eye Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses

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They are the quintessential fake Ray Ban sunglasses of the fifties and sixties. Those that carried the pin-up and the same behind which those secretaries hiding whose inspiring style portrayed perfectly ‘Mad Men’. Well, today the women with the most style in Italy, from Eleonora Carisi to Gilda Ambrosio or Alessandra and Chiara Capitani, return to pay homage to them.

And it does not surprise us, because inside the universe of fake Ray Bans. These are, without a doubt, the most special. Theatrical, glamorous and with the right touch of extravagance, they are capable of making any look, instantly, infinitely more exciting. And then there is the ritual. That gesture of looking over them while holding them with one hand. That capable of melting hearts and that is so extremely well expressed in your Instagram photos. For the ritual they are infallible, keep that in mind.

There are garments that without knowing how or why they are viralized in social networks. And become a must little bearable for the rest of mortals, and today is a clear and concise example. We are talking about sunglasses, small frames and vintage style that are causing furor wherever they go. From Gigi Hadid to her sister Bella, without forgetting Kaia Gerber or all the bloggers of the moment.

The Cat Eye Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses are signed by the brand Roberi & Fraud, although in any vintage market we can find something similar (and much cheaper).

For a trend to be real and start to go viral, it requires special interest from bloggers / instagrammers. This type of glasses has hit very hard in the RRSS and we see it every day that passes.


We could say that to be an angel of Victoria’s Secret you need to add this type of mount in your daily uniform. And we can see it in the Instagram accounts of the models with wings. That do not seem to belong to this planet. In different colors and slightly varying the bridge of the saddle, Bella, Gigi, Taylor or Martha. Many of the models who do not hesitate to wear them in their day to day.

As for the way to wear fake Ray Bans UK, the truth is that you can combine them with everything you want. From the jeans and the white shirt, to the most formal dress you have in the closet. The good thing about cat-eye Cheap Ray Bans UK is precisely. They adapt to any style you can think of.

The Italians are clear that their favorite high quality fake Ray Bans is the classic, black and with the silhouette of a well defined cat. In our case, we not only love these, but we are willing to try with all the colors that paint them this season.

So, you know, if you had some in the bottom of the drawer, it’s time to rescue them. And if not, it’s time to go shopping, but you have to buy some now.

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