Variety Lens Of Ray Ban Sunglasses

Gray lenses, sunglasses, almost the same amount of filtering in the sun, and can filter infrared and 98% UV. Wear gray lenses cheap Ray Ban sunglasses, the original color of the scene will not change because of lenses, but also to maximize shielding glare. In hot Malaysia, gray lenses by local experts praised as “the most comfortable sunglasses”. Summer outdoor activities, wear sunglasses, cool gray lenses, not only light, can see the beauty of the color.

Variety Lens Of Ray Ban Sunglasses

Stylish green lenses, like gray lenses, can filter infrared light and filter 99% of UV light. But green lenses will change some features of color, light barrier effect is also slightly lower than the gray lenses. Fortunately, green is a natural calming agent that can relax the mood of people around you. If you want to be a “love ambassador”, wear green lenses Ray Ban sunglasses sale, and make the noise around you quiet.

Red lens sunglasses can filter 95% of ultraviolet light and some shorter wavelengths of visible light. In fact, red lenses are almost the same as ordinary lenses, and are no better than ordinary lenses. But psychological research found that 65% of women wear pink lenses, sunglasses, self-confidence is 15% higher than usual. Pink sunglasses are your psychological placebo. They can be worn in rainy days where you are depressed or have less UV light.

A lens that allows light passing through a specific polarization direction in natural light. Because of its filter, it will darken when you wear it. To filter the glare of the sun in equal directions on the surface of the water, land, or snow, a vertical special coating on the lens is called a polarizing lens. Most suitable for outdoor sports (e.g., at sea, skiing, or fishing).

Knockoff Ray Bans lenses, shading effect is very strong, all lenses can be one hundred percent to block harmful ultraviolet rays, while filtering infrared rays and other harmful light. The polarizing film technique used now reduces light damage to the eye. The design and manufacture of the Ban Ray frames are equally good. And in any case can make people comfortable to wear.

Ray Ban has been the best-selling Sunglasses brand in the world. Consistently high quality and elegant design has become one of the biggest selling points of Ray Ban sunglasses outlet. The exact theory of an identical nature of fake Ray Bans design and manufacturing philosophy and creation of lens, material is very durable, always wear comfortable, very thoughtful face, a rough shape is clear, with retro and luxury.

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