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Fake Ray Bans are not just a magic weapon under the scorching sun. Even if you’re not a big star, don’t sneak up on the street and wear a stylish and cool cheap Ray Ban sunglasses outlet. The selection of sunglasses, the collocation of face patterns, and the setting of makeup are a question for a university. A little carelessness is a negative example.

Let’s take an example from the famous street in Europe and America, and see how these famous stars are skillfully matched, so that their own gas field, even in the street, is also very large:

First of all the big stars if wearing sunglasses in the street are rarely able to see her objective truth. The cover of the eye make-up can be freely tie-in, do not need to be based on Ray Ban sunglasses outlet styles and colors to decide. However, the other half face, which has no wearing sunglasses need covered with a good make-up.

Are all the envy of the girl face, whether it is because the oval face is excellent in hairstyle or dress collocation, even in cheap Ray Ban sunglasses. So she can choose this classic classic sunglasses sunglasses, even in the eyes of many people is very old-fashioned. And collocation pink makeup, foundation and cream, just slightly tender color zygomatic brush blush, lip gloss is delicate pink. It looks so elegant and soft on the side.

Sometimes, when people say “kill the dead”, the collocation of “Katherine Jenkins” seems to be the same as the old saying. Style Ray Ban sunglasses sale in today’s fashion is probably quite common for most of them. But the collocation with the flaming lips, little stars are willing to show people the gentle nude make-up. Oval face, she also dares to use their facial advantages, the choice of sunglasses range of shape. Then close to the color of the foundation and blush color, with a touch of gloss, but more of a fresh and natural throb.

Under the cover of a huge red sunglasses, we can only see the face of Drew Barrymore basically. But it is enough to see the route that she wants to walk. The film starred in many different roles in the distinct characters of her, obviously this is funny walk route. A pair of fancy sunglasses, a big red lip, and her round face, complement each other perfectly. However, we should advise all the beauties to try not for their own sake

The gorgeous woman’s aura is remarkable, even on the streets. But this is not the focus of collocation, focusing on her keen sense of beauty and use. The original square face is not easy to pick sunglasses. But she chose to block much of his face could, the rest of the sexy lips lip color. Even with my face hidden in the big fake Ray Bans UK, it’s still sexy.

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