Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape on The Cheap Ray-Bans Sale

When it comes to choosing replica Ray-Ban sunglasses that flatter your face shape, there are several options to consider. While I cannot provide real-time information on specific sales or discounts, I can offer general guidance on selecting Best Sunglasses For Your Face. Here are some suggestions for different face shapes

The most important first step in choosing your own sunglasses is: first confirm your face shape! Choose your own sunglasses or sunglasses on the cheap Ray-Bans sale according to your face shape, so that you can highlight your personal temperament even more!

Round Face

Asians tend to have round faces, which are short and round. The cheeks are rounded without any edges and corners. They look very young and full of collagen.
Girls with round faces can choose fake Ray-Ban sunglasses from the perspective of complementing the square and the circle, choose some square or square and round sunglasses, and modify them with relatively tough lines.
Fits: square, cat-eye, aviator
Avoid: round shapes; shapes between squares and circles; styles that are not too big or too small are more likely to highlight the roundness of the face.

Square Face

The jawbone is wide, and square faces are not easy to choose sunglasses. Avoid irregular frames. Because of the obvious facial contours, you need to choose round frames to soften the lines of the face. Choose a frame with a moderate radius to soften the lines of the face. The shape should not be too small, nor can it be too narrow or too thin. Too thin will make the face look long.
Fits: Traveler, Aviator, Oval, Cat Eye
Avoid: round, square sunglasses, small round

Long Face

To avoid making the face look longer, a wide frame will make the face look narrower, elongating the vision in disguise, it is recommended to choose a round or curved mirror with a moderate width, which can make the elongated face look thinner Not too long, slightly thicker temples can weaken the slenderness of a long face; in addition, the large frame shape can make the face look rounder.
Good for: Pilot, Wayfarers, large frame type sunglasses with wide top and bottom.
Avoid: square shape, it is not advisable to wear sunglasses with lenses that are too small or too narrow, otherwise the face will appear longer.

Oval Face

The face tends to be oval, without a sharp jaw or jawbone. This face shape brings a comfortable visual experience to people, and it is better to choose sunglasses for this face shape. The chin is relatively round and does not allow the face to appear thin, so it is suitable for sunglasses with a wider frame and a sense of silhouette.
Suitable for: If you have a perfect oval face, all types of sunglasses/sunglasses are suitable, you can buy it as long as you like it!
Avoid: ugly sunglasses.

Heart-shaped Face

A heart-shaped face, with a relatively narrow chin, is the favorite face shape of Asians. Compared with the oval face, this kind of face has more choices when choosing the sun, but it can be considered more from the perspective of fashion and personality, and it can also be held. Exaggerated eye-catching style! The chin of the melon-shaped face is sharp, you can choose a frame that is not too hard, and use a soft line to modify the sharpness of the face.Fits: Wayfarer, Aviator, Vintage Round.
Avoid: oversized, bow-shaped, square.

Size Selection

Best Sunglasses For Your Face
After selecting the model according to the shape of the face, determine the size of the sun to see whether the wearer is a man or a woman, an adult or a child. Ray-Ban sunglasses, like most glasses, are traditionally divided into men’s, women’s and children’s styles, but there are no strict boundaries in the actual purchase. As an accessory, you can play freely according to your personal preferences and style to show your personality, as long as you think you can control it. In addition, since there is no particularly exaggerated style of Ray-Ban sunglasses, they can basically be regarded as general-purpose models. The main purpose of determining men, women and children here is to choose the appropriate size.

The Size of Ray-Ban Sunglasses

How to see the size of Best Sunglasses For Your Face
Look at the size on the tag or the glasses: the size of the sunglasses is designed and produced according to the standard specifications. Like the spectacle frame, there is information about the size of the sunglasses on the temples or the tag. You can use this data Make a reference to choose. e.g. 55-18-145
55(mm) represents the lens width
18(mm) represents the width of the bridge of the nose
145(mm) represents the total length of the temple
Generally speaking, the size of European and American sunglasses is larger than that of domestic sunglasses. If it is designed for Asians, the size is more suitable for Asians.

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