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Fake Ray Bans can not only block the sun’s rays, but also reduce the UV damage to you. The right choice of a popular sunglasses can also increase your personal charm index. These days, sunglasses on the Cheap Ray Bans Outlet are not only a product of street fashion. But sunglasses are also a must-have for our summer sun. Today, sunglasses style is affluent, facing all kinds of models, a pair of the weaknesses of the eyes is very important. Choose the type, the big face can also lead the street! So what kind of Ray Ban sunglasses outlet are suitable for big face?

Cheap Ray Bans Outlet

How to Choose

Someone with big face should wear thick sunglasses. If you choose the soft and thin line frame sunglasses, will face off the big. People with big faces should choose dark lenses, which have visual effects on the face. The shape of the glasses should be square as well, and the circle will make the face more bloated.

At the same time, the large face can also choose to wear large frames of cheap fake Ray Bans, which can visually narrow the facial area, or wearing angular sunglasses, which can make the face looks more three-dimensional, visually reducing facial shape. Big face don’t wear sunglasses so small, looks a bit unsightly; in addition, appearing nervous in public, don’t choose translucent sunglasses in the eyes behind the lens looks a bit mysterious partly hidden and partly visible, look, not to fashion a decorative effect.

Square Face

Square face includes partial square and partial square face, Asian square face is much, this kind of facial expression usually gives the atmosphere sedate feeling, so may choose low-key, concise style to highlight this advantage. The slim frames of the fake Ray Ban aviator sunglasses are a good choice. Glasses with too wide mirror width will also look wider in the visual sense. In addition, the patterns on both ends of the mirror beam are not suitable for those with square faces.

Long Face

The person with long face should take the round glasses with wider width and lower width to make up for the defect of long face. An elongated face can choose pink or wine red lenses. The glasses are designed under the lens and the length of the face is corrected accordingly.

In the face of face almost no what picky place, so most styles of cheap Ray Ban sunglasses can handle. In the choice of lens, oval can choose high transparency or gradient processing lenses will make more sense of face.


The nose is the only vertical line in the face, emphasizing the line, which can enhance the stereo sense of the face. People with short noses should choose lenses, frames, joints, sunglasses at the top, and vice versa, which can effectively shorten the length of the nose. The eyeglasses of the frame frame and the high sunglasses are also suitable for people with large noses. If the frame does not touch the nose, and the frame itself is thinner, the sunglasses are better.

The different positions of the eye in the lens make a different impression. In general, the position of the eye is rather lean, and the lower part feels funny. The position of the eye can be adjusted by the nose pads and the legs of best fake Ray Bans.

Eyebrows have a significant effect on the facial image, with eyebrows above the top of the sunglasses frame and slightly above the frame. Raised eyebrows, brow and sunglasses frame of nature can not be together, but must be consistent with the framework of the brow. Never choose frames that are also upturned sunglasses. You must choose frames with flat sunglasses.

In short, the eyebrows and glasses frame can not be left blank. People with bushy eyebrows should choose a thin frame or frameless Cheap Ray Bans Outlet, or they will weaken the eyebrows. On the other hand, thick frame sunglasses for eyebrows light and thin people.

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