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If I had to choose a single object, because without it, summers would not exist, and life would be a little more horrible, I would choose fake Ray Bans. What is more beautiful, profound and sophisticated? Through them the world becomes insignificant, and you – it’s a mystery, but it happens – infinitely more powerful. They make you believe that you are impregnable. They bring together so many evocations that you could write your autobiography only remembering all the ones you have had in each stage of your life. In your sunglasses on the Cheap Ray Ban sunglasses Outlet are written your summers, with their plots and metaphors: parties, sex, hangovers, heartbreak, cars, bars, funerals, readings on the beach, favorite songs …

Secretly, we know that we do not wear replica Ray Bans UK because the sun bothers us, but because the darkness is good for us, like Audrey Hepburn in front of Tiffany’s, when at dawn she takes a bun and a coffee out of a bag and looks with nostalgia at the diamonds of the showcase, after some dark and huge Oliver Goldsmith, of which we still live in love.

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By wearing high quality fake Ray Bans glasses an anonymity is built that prevents the passage of the atrocious reality. They are not simple glasses, but instructions to guide oneself through the sunny and surly days. You like to think that you do not need anything more than dark glasses to survive the hardships that summer brings. In 1943 Life published a photo of William Faulkner in which he posed half naked, in full sun, with his typewriter. He smoked and wore winter shorts and socks, and, of course, wore sunglasses. He had the essentials to devote himself to literature. Any added element would be ornamental and fatuous.

If a person could fall in love with an object, that object would be a pair of sunglasses. It’s full of secrets and capable of becoming invisible. After months of cloudy skies and rain, the sun came up one day. You put on your Ray Bans and summer has begun. What does it matter that it’s April? You like the way they make you feel. They’re simple, but fun. They radiate strength and happiness. They attract. You’ll wear them all the time. Especially on cold, gray, sunless days. In the background, they are also warm clothing. They call them sunglasses, but they’re for rain, for the night, for the library… If you don’t mind looking like an imbecile, you’ll sleep and go to mass. You’ll put on sunglasses, and then on the day you’re buried, you’ll put a pair of fake Ray Bans Wayfarer in your casket.


For cheap Ray Ban sunglasses outlet Black Friday has already started and from its website. They advertise discounts of up to 88% on The offer they launch will last until November 28, 2018. The sale with the main offers on November 24, 2018, the day on which Black Friday is officially celebrated. They have baptized the campaign as Black Friday Crew and all the sales are only on their official website.

If you plan to buy sunglasses, fake Ray Ban sunglasses will have one of the most aggressive promotions on the Cheap Ray Ban sunglasses Outlet. So it is a good time not only to advance Christmas gifts. The brand expects to achieve revenues of over 6 million euros in this Black Friday campaign.

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