A Very Healthy Accessory – Fake Ray Bans

Most adults have already understood that wearing fake Ray Ban sunglasses. The sunglasses is more than a Healthy Accessory – Fake Ray Bans. Since its use has benefits for our eye health by protecting us from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays.

That is why, at this time, fake Ray Bans should be a regular complement in the daily life not only of adults, but also of the little ones, whose eyes are exposed to long hours of sun that cause damage to medium and long term. The eye health experts of the Flamingo company tell us more details in this regard.

part of our day to day

Summer is approaching and the sun is already part of our day to day. The time has come to protect ourselves against the damages that the sun exposure to which we are subjected may have on our health. Especially if we take into account that Spain is one of the European countries with the highest solar radiation. For all this, during the summer we equip the little ones with a good sunscreen and with caps or visors to cover their heads. However, in most cases, we overlook something fundamental: the eyes.

It is curious to observe how most adults use high quality fake Ray Bans but we do not do the same with children. “We must bear in mind that sunglasses are not only fashion accessories, but serve to prevent inflammation of the cornea, conjunctivitis and, in the future, cataracts or retinopathies, among other ocular alterations” comments Alberto Velarde, founder and CEO of the Flamingo sunglasses. In addition, we must bear in mind that skin cancer can be generated in the eyelids and that, according to numerous experts. Its main cause is excessive exposure to the sun during childhood.


For all these reasons it is advisable to use good cheap Ray Ban sunglasses since we are small. “We must be aware that the use of cheap Ray Ban sunglasses outlet is just as important as the use of sunscreen. Minors are exposed to long hours of games under the sun and we should not neglect their eyesight “says Alberto Velarde. In this sense, polycarbonate is the most recommended material for children’s lenses. Because of its ultraviolet protection and resistance to shock. In addition, when buying sunglasses, it is also convenient to look at the type of protection they offer. As the founder of Flamingo reveals, “for the youngest, the UV400 is the most appropriate”.

Healthy Accessory - Fake Ray Bans

A very healthy accessory

Beyond all the benefits for our health the use of replica Ray Bans UK. These have become one of the essential accessories to complete our looks.

However, it is not easy to find glasses that combine fashion and health for children.

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